Every once in a while I'll catch myself singing out loud in the studio. . . then realize co-workers are watching me through the studio window. 

Yesterday, there was a discussion on Reddit.com where people revealed the most embarrassing things they'd done when they THOUGHT they were alone . . . but weren't.  Here are a few of the best ones . . .


1.  "I was staying at a nice hotel with a great pool.  I was the only one there so I started messing around and doing synchronized swimming moves.  That's when I saw a family eating breakfast and watching me.  I'm a 51-year-old man."


2.  "I was pretending to be a Velociraptor from "Jurassic Park" in the hallway at work.  Turns out we have security cameras with guards watching."


3.  "I was walking past a parked car with the window rolled down and two fluffy dogs inside.  They started barking at me, so I barked back.  It went back and forth . . . until I realized there were people in the backseat."


4.  "I was doing a self-help hypnosis thing to lose weight and it included reciting mantras in the mirror to yourself like, "I am strong.  I can be thin."  I was doing it in the men's room at my office when I heard a flush and my boss walked out of a stall."   See the rest at  (Reddit)