If you love vanity license plates as much as I do you just can't get enough of them! So clever! It's like a separate language. Check out some of the one's I've seen and suggest one's you liked!

  • 4RCBWU (force be with you!)
  • 02BNLA (Love -- zero in tennis -- to be in L.A.)
  • NOXSPRO (no tennis -- x is 10 -- pro)
  • KIDMD (pediatrician)
  • O2BNWA (Oh, to be in Washington!)
  • 1000101 (Binary language for 69)
  • KILNX (killing time -- x is multiplication or "times")
  • 10SNE1 (tennis anyone?)

If you want to come up with your own plate idea, you can use this vanity plate dictionaryto generate ideas.

Flickr, Tobyotter
Flickr, Tobyotter
Flickr, Eli Duke