A new survey from Match.com says many men underdress for a first date and many women dress too slutty. Any survey where men say women dress TOO slutty should automatically be suspect -- just kidding! But I think it's true that, in general, men are too casual about their dress when trying to make a good impression. Here are the specific items and accessories to ignore:

The survey said...

  • Men, no sweatpants (no duh) -- but women? I think it depends on the activity.
  • Men, no flip flop and shorts (if it's a dinner date)
  • Men, nothing covered in pet hair (goes for women, too)
  • Men, no gold chains. This isn't "underdressed" but it does make a weird first impression.
  • Women, no Ugg boots (on a first date. Some men think they're cute, but don't risk it on a first date).
  • Women, no extremely-low tops. Sure, men like boobs, but first dates are about judging more than cup size.
  • Women, no stripper heals. (I think this can apply to all occasions.)
  • Women, no long, fake fingernails. (only women like these, men don't find these attractive, sorry.)

I think my dating problems could partly be my dress. I wear a lot of jeans, baseball caps and sandals. That's got to be it because the rest of me is FREAKING PERFECT!

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