I think we can all agree that after the Holidays..the gym tends to be what we most need to hit.

I've had great experiences at gyms that I've just absolutely LOVED, and I've had bad experiences where I just wasn't happy. And we all know that it's hard enough to get yourself to the gym so certain factors are a must for me.

Every gym has it's own particular "Vibe." So, for me the vibe has to feel right for me to make myself go.

And I think it helps if it feels like there's kind of a "community" feel to it. If you see people you know it makes the whole experience more pleasant.

Equiptment is a MUST for me. The machines and weights have to be just what I want to make my work-out WORK! They need to be in good working order and an assortment of things so I can change it up.

And of course it has to feel clean. And have nice lockers and showers.

And if it's too far away to drive, I probably won't get myself there. lol

I'm planning, on a mix of Hot Yoga, weights, dancing, riding and running this year and hope to work off the holiday goodies I so willingly indulged in over the last few weeks!

Well, here's to getting in shape again in 2014. Find a place that you love so you can spend lots of time doing something good for your Body, Mind and Spirit!