It's spring break...what to do...what to do...

My wife and I took the boys to Seattle for a long weekend...did the Seattle waterfront walk, Ye Ole Curiosity Shoppe, Ivar's for lunch and then a trip to the Experience Music Project (EMP) - an interactive museum named for Jimi Hendrix.

One of the fun things to do at EMP is the "On Stage" experience. Basically, you form a fictitious band (my family) and come up with a name. After a bit of input from all we decided on "The Funky Monkeys".  From there we were lead on stage to perform a song (lip sync). Our choice was Purple Haze (I should oldest son chose the song)!   They take a few photos during the show which are available for purchase as you exit off stage.   We decided not to buy the DVD...and I'm good with that - LOL!

If you're a fan of music you will enjoy the EMP.   What are you doing for spring break?   I'd love to hear your stories!