When I spent $600 on a Gazebo at Lowes and then had it destroyed the wind, I posted the damage picture on facebook and told you about it. I found out there were  lots of you that had experienced the same thing. If I'd have known that..I never would have purchased the darn gazebo!

So this time before purchase a ramp for my pickup truck, I figured I would ask you all what your experience has been.

I have two big dogs. One has no problem jumping up in the back of the truck. But, the largest one..my Rhodesien Ridgeback, seems to have a hard time. He's made it a few times, but it's hard for him, and he's tentative, and then when he finally made it up last time, he fell backward onto the ground and landed on his back.

I really want both the dogs to ride in the back of the bed. I've bought all kinds of safety things so that once they are back there, they should ride fairly secure.

I need a ramp that is strong enough for a dog over 100 lbs.

There are all kinds...and I've seen them all online. Just wondering which ones if any have the best reviews. So, If you have one and have comments or recommendations, please let me know.


This is the one I'm considering. My truck is HIGH and my dog weighs over 100 lbs.





















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