I really didn't think we had that many over weight people in the Tri-Cities, but according to Gallup-Healthways Well Being Index, they rated us the ninth most obese metro area's in the United States. This company would talk to people and ask for their weight and height, and that's how they figured out body mass index(BMI) Tri-Cities average BMI is 33.2, barely beating Yakima who had a 32.4.  The city with the least amount of obese people was Boulder Colorado, with an average BMI of 12.1. Well, that makes sense, the whole state is full of tree huggers and granola eating vegetarians. How do you get fat eating pine cones? How on earth did Oakland and Freemont California only have a BMI of 17.5, and a town in Texas had a 38.8.  I'm not saying we're a big community, but a google satellite picture of the Tri-Cities weighed 14 pounds. I think if we really work at it, we can be in the top 5 next year, go cheeseburgers! Click on the hilighted words above to get the full list.


Story from Tri-City Hearld