I've got to be the worlds worst shopper! I seldom shop for clothes or really for anything besides groceries. But every now and then, I become obsessed with something, and I find it difficult to limit my impulsive spending!

I went to buy one item for someone ELSE at Lowe's yesterday, (which they were out of by the way) And on my way out...I thought I'd take a quick look at the plant section!! Uhh Ohh!.

Well, you know I've been obsessed lately with gardening and planting my yard this year, so a few minutes later and $226 broker...I left the store!

Then, I spent 6 hours planting and weeding, and I can hardly clench a fist with my hands today or walk.. from bending over for so long!

Oh well!! I put it on my credit card that I have sworn NOT TO USE!

So, yes..this girl Faith Martin, is a very bad girl right now!  I will sit down with myself maybe sometime this week and give myself a good scolding! Then forgive myself and try to do better!

Meanwhile, I love how my yard is looking! I think I need a small little pond now and some frogs! Maybe I should get a bunny! Yeah....a BUNNY would be fun! I could build it a little outside house too! ;)