A few days ago we asked our VIP members to tell us what they thought of the new (sorta) KORD Waking Crew. And you guys were SO NICE! Thank you! Here are our favorite responses. The answers are anonymous so we can't give you on-air 'thank yous' or virtual hugs (be careful around Greg, he prefers to give real hugs -- big ones).

  • Glad I'm not drinking milk while listening
  • I'm really enjoying it :-)
  • Awesome!!
  • Keep up the good job guys
  • Love the show, very funny
  • Never a dull moment. You two are crazy
  • Woody is doing great
  • I love the energy they put out!
  • It sounds like you've been working together for  along time!
  • Wonderful!

We're dancing in the hall ways! Thank you for the warm fuzzies!