I don't  imagine that it would ever be possible for the government to take away our rights to own and arm ourselves with guns. It is in our constitution.

And I don't think the American people would put up with that.

I do believe we should make it more difficlult for people to own guns, such as past felons and mentally unbalanced people who may harm others with them. But, It appears to me that the "bad guys" will always find a way to get guns and hurt people. So who are we kidding here?

We want to protect our youth from playing with guns and we want to avoid just anyone who is not properly educated or balanced enough to get a gun.

But, it is our right to own and protect ourselves against those who wish to harm us.

And I agree that if the government tried to take this right from us. There would be an uprising. And I don't think it will ever come to that! But, I could be wrong.Even Gun registration would anger Americans and I think it should.

What do you think?