Today I listened to this TED Talk on "Vulnerability" And it occurred to me, that I have just never cared if I was vulnerable. I figured  that some would think of it as" weakness". But those aren't people I'd choose to be close to anyway.

I've just never have had a problem showing my vulnerability, and if people don't like it..I've figured they have their whole life to get over it.

I've always been completely open and honest about who I am and what I do. What I'm afraid, of what I'm weak at or lacking. Probably too much so in some cases. I don't hold many secrets and don't claim to be very good at much.

But, I've never gotten the impression that you love me any less because I'm not perfect. I certainly don't love you any less because of your imperfections or vulnerability.

Some people have said to me that it "appears" that I'm never afraid of anything! And I just have to tell you, (well, first I have to laugh!) Then I have to tell you :  I'm afraid of almost EVERYTHING! I just do it anyway!

And often times, I don't do it well! So, I guess what I'm saying, is...somewhere along the way in life, I must have decided that if you are to care about me, and me  about YOU, we have to do it on a completely honest level. That means letting you know exactly who I am! And not a pretend me!

So, I saw this TED talk today. And I thought..."Good" that is one thing I've done well in my life, is allowed myself to be vulnerable and show that to YOU!

And I thank you for caring about me in spite of who I am. Because that is really a beautiful thing. And I hope I can always give that back to everyone I meet.

If we were all perfect, we'd have no reason to be here on this earth.

Enjoy the TED talk, and be glad you are who you are!