Today the web guy, Andrew, and myself are going to start a new series of blogs called "Utah Chronicles." He's from Utah and insists that CRAZY stuff happens there -- more than other states. So our first Utah Chronicles blog aims to prove it: Utahns are in a frenzy over whether the Disney animated movie "Frozen" promotes a gay agenda.

It all began when a popular mommy blogger called "A Well Behaved Mormon Woman" said she saw "Frozen" three times with her grandkids and 100 percent believes Elsa's magic powers are a stand-in for Lesbianism and the song "Let It Go" is about ignoring societal pressures to stay in the closet.

Let's start with the title of the blog. "A Well Behaved Mormon Woman" is an anti-feminist take on the popular feminist phrase, "Well Behaved Women Seldom (or Rarely) Make History" falsely attributed to Marilyn Monroe and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Ironically (and the blogger may or may not know this), the actual author of the quote is Harvard professor and feminist Laurel Thatcher Ulrich who is, in fact, a well-behaved Mormon woman.

Now on to the movie.

The blogger insists that Elsa's parents encourage her to hide her magic from her sister and the world out of fear her lesbianism will infect others. Her "frozen" nature means she's cold and alone because of her nature. Then when her nature is discovered, everyone overreacts and forces Elsa into exile. But once Elsa is allowed to truly be herself and not hide her true nature anymore, then she is truly happy. But society is cursed for rejecting her.

Apparently some Utahns are agreeing with her -- enough anyway to prompt fierce reactions from other bloggers of all political stripes. Now the debate has caught the attention of national media and the issue is out of control.