It was a tough game to watch. Germany dominated us. We had terrible control of the ball. It seemed like I could count on one hand the number of times a pass made it to the intended recipient. We lost 1-0. BUT WE'RE STILL IN THE SWEET SIXTEEN!

As the clock ticked down on the humiliating defeat the announcers kept saying, "I'm eating my words! I had no idea the U.S. would play so well! They've shown everybody!" I'm glad we made the world proud, but getting our butts kicked.

If you're not even remotely following the World Cup here's what it comes down to: to make the first cut, you have to finish 1st or 2nd out of four teams. By losing to Germany we get 2nd place in our group, and we make the final 16 teams to advance. This is not weird in sports. Think about how many times USA basketball lost in 2004 and still earned a bronze. But it still feels weird to see so many people celebrating a loss where the Americans played HORRIBLY!