A hot dog vendor in New York sells his goods outside the Marriage Bureau in Manhattan with his daughter. When business got slow, they decided to earn extra money by selling bridal bouquets and boutonnieres along with the dogs. So far so good, but it got me thinking, what other businesses could you combine?

How about these:

A dog groomer and ice cream parlor, call it  'scoop and pooch'

A dog obedience school and taxidermy shop, call it  'sit still'

A furniture store and a merry-go-round fix it shop. Call it  'sit and spin'

Espresso stand and a bee keeper, call it ' BUZZZZZZZ'

An accountant and an astronomy club,call it 'what's up'

A laundromat and a psychologist,call it 'wash your blues away'

A law office, dry cleaners and a native American smoke shop, call it 'doowe, cleanim' and how'

Now, give me some of yours.