"The Atlantic" talked to NECCO, the company behind the chalky conversation hearts that have been around 147 years, and got a list of some of the messages on the hearts they've RETIRED over the years.  After all, slang evolves . . . and you don't want your hearts sounding un-hip, right?

Here are my picks for the top 10 retired conversation heart messages . . .

#10.)  HOT CHA.

#9.)  The peace symbol.

#8.)  1-800 CUPID.

#7.)  YOU ARE LATE.  (--In this day and age, people would see that as a teen pregnancy scare.)

#6.)  SAUCY BOY.

#5.)  HEP CAT.

#4.)  DIG ME.

#3.)  GROOVY.

#2.)  FAX ME.

#1.)  YOU ARE GAY.  (Yep, they really had this one.  It was back when it actually meant "You are happy and lighthearted".) Read more from The Atlantic and see more retired phrases here.