Being a teen in the late 70's and early 80's was not always a picnic, we all had our hang ups and personnel issues to deal with. I really couldn't tell you if being a teen is harder now then it was back in the day, only because I'm not 18 any more. Thinking you know everything but not having the experience to back it all up is my definition of a teenager. There are new pit falls for today's young adults, that I never had to worry about. Foe instance, pot smoking among teens is on the the rise and 60 percent of teens polled admitted to talking on the phone or texting while driving, not good news. On the other hand teen smoking and drinking and driving is decreasing nation wide, better news. A new and frightening trend in my opinion, is young girls are now getting pre-camp mini- makeovers, including leg, arm, face hair removal, and bikini waxes. What happened to sleeping bag, pillow, beef jerky, tooth brush and mosquito repellent? here's how that would have gone in my house. One of my sisters: " Hey dad can I get about 400 hundred dollars to get a make over before camp". Dad: " Turn the TV to channel 42, wide wide world of sports is on, get me a bag of chips and a cold beer, and if you want money for a makeover, camp your ass behind the lawn mower this summer and then we'll talk" A makeover in my teens was a haircut.  We have put far to much emphasis on looks and appearance, our kids are now paying for it, gift certificates for plastic surgery, 10 year olds tanning, and my favorite, 4 year old girls in beauty contests. Dear pedaphiles, tiaras and toddlers is on the TV 5 nights a week, feel free to oogle. Finally, in South Carolina, a mom was escorted out of her daughters graduation because she cheered when her daughters name was called, and then charged with disorderly conduct. Schools do this so all of the families can her their kids name. Here's a thought, take an extra 10 seconds in between kids and give the kids and family a chance to show a little emotion called happiness, ya school rules maker jackasses. In Ohio a graduate was denied his diploma because his family cheered to loudly, and now he, or his family must complete 20 hours of community service before he gets his diploma.Dear Ohio, the only thing good about your state is that it's easy to spell, lighten up on the kids you power hungry school official commies. The Internet and video games will result in an average weight for frequent players(Any Age) to be around 310 pounds, and texters, twitter heads and face book junkies will evolve and eventually be born with out tongues and vocal cords because they will cease to communicate vocally. I feel bad for future kids, when they ask their grandparents things like," Grandpa, what's a swing set", or "Grandma, what's a home made cookie". Laugh now, but it's just around the corner.