Last night I found a big juicy tick on my Rhodesian Ridge back Pup! Yuck! Ticks are the grossest, creepiest  things ever! And to make matters worse, it was so big ya just know it had to be stuck in my dog for days.

And I had bathed my dog with flea & Tick Shampoo just a couple days before, after he had rolled in something dead!! So why didn't that take care of it!?  Yuck! eww, ick!...I'm freaking out! So yucky!

Each spring I treat my dogs with Frontline, but I hadn't done it yet.

So this is just a reminder, it's apparently warm enough for Tick Season to begin! So be sure to treat your pets.The picture featured by the way is NOT the tick I found in my dog. It's a stock photo. The one I found, was HUGE and GRAY and soooo GROSSSSSS!

I've found the Frontline to work really well!