The sun is shining and everything is in full bloom! I believe water will be turned on today in Pasco. So, I did a quick glance around my yard to take mental notes on my plan- of-action for my yard and I immediately became overwhelmed!

I'm certain I will need some professional help, as one section of my yard looks like I'm a 'grow farm' for Dandelions! Ugh!

I have a great lawn mowing guy, 'Raaaaamone' and I love him, he is awesome! And I love to pull up after a long day and he's mowed and done my edging! That makes me soooo happy!  He is super good at yard stuff, but, I can't afford to hire him as my full time gardener, so I'm going to try to get a handle on it this year myself.

Bev at C & M Landscaping told me that this time of year, it's important to use Pre-Emergent to kill existing weeds and prevent the early growth of new ones, so I guess I'll start there.

And of course getting my sprinklers all working and hitting the right spots is very important. (I think Ramone said he'd help me with that) is a good reminder for us all! My friend just had a costly repair to her siding because her sprinklers consistently hit the siding on her house. Yikes!, I'm sure mine do the same!

So, Let's all share gardening tips about what you are finding successful in your yard!

I love to see beautiful landscaping and flowers, and shrubs and trees! I love beautiful yards and gardens and so wish I had one! Haha!

So, if  you have a beautiful yard, or landscaping etc that you are proud of, let me know and I will come takes pics and I could feature cool ideas or beautiful yards in my blog posts! And, please feel free to share tips and methods that work well for you! We could use this as a forum to share info!

OK!!, Everyone! let's get on it! Happy Gardening!

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or call, text, or whatever way works and let me know, and share your pics!