I read on the back window of a car today, that if I didn't accept God into my life I will be going to hell.That's a little harsh don't you think, besides how does he or she know where I might be going.

I have a question about this whole thing. What is one's commitment as far as accepting god into your life. Can I sit on my couch and just say I believe and accept God, do I have to have it in writing? Does someone that goes to church have a better chance of going to heaven than I do? At what point do you have to accept God into your life, I mean, someone that has a week to live, can they still accept god, or is there a waiting period. I guess I just don't like the fact someone is TELLING me, I may or may not be going to heaven based on my beliefs, not my actions. Did Ted Bundy or Hitler make it upstairs? I don't steal from my neighbors, cheat on my taxes, kick little kids, hit puppies with a stick, do drugs, lie to my wife. I do try and volunteer or accept invitations to help out with local charity groups as much as possible, I love my family, mostly my Grand kids, and if I believe in you, I will give you the shirt off of my back. Am I perfect? Not even close. In case you're wondering, I accepted god into my life when I was seventeen, I choose not to talk about it and I don't attend church, but between me and him, we understand each other, and when it's time to go, I guess we'll see. I say, accept anyone you want into your life if it makes you happy, and always be nice to your fellow humans.