This week end is our family reunion, and it makes me think back to reunions gone by. Let me start by saying, my family is a little left of center, just sayin'.

For almost 20 years in the late seventies and all of the eighties and into the nineties, my family on the my moms side would meet every Easter at our house and, well get crazy. Mostly we golfed in the desert across the street from our house in West Richland. The desert classic had it all, sand, coffee cans for holes, sand, lots of cheating, sagebrush, sand, cheatgrass, wind and sand. You got one club and a ball, the preferred club for the desert classic was a seven iron, it had the distance and you could putt with it. For what ever reason we stopped sharing Easter together, and that's when the family reunions started. Our family is is basically in three different areas of Washington State. You have the Tri-City group, the Spokane Clan and the Burlington, Sedro Wooly wacko's. So every other year we rotate and each group has to find a place for the reunion, this is our year. In years past we've had issues. At one reunion, the manager at the resort we were staying at , strolled into our campsite Saturday morning and informed us he would have asked us to leave Friday nite due to our loudness, but he realized we had 80% of the resort reserved for the week end.  You should have seen his face when we informed him 40% of the family hadn't even showed up yet, he just hung his head, kicked at some dirt and walked off. We didn't see him all week end. One year a park ranger told us if we had more than three people on the golf cart we were using to go from the cabin we were staying in to the bunk houses, he would make us put it up. Apparently he counted 11 people riding on the cart the night before, and the driver appeared to be drunk. At one reunion outside of Marblemount, just off of the North Cascades Hi-way, we were warned that some of the locals were pretty much off the set of the movie Deliverance, and to not wonder off at nite. One day a few of us made the half mile trek to the river to cool off. Upon reaching the river we found a very nice pool of water. Someone had put rocks in the river to create a mini dam of sorts, which created a nice little swimming area. After splashing around for a few minutes, we noticed three kids sitting on the rocks watching us. All three had nappyred hair, 2 teeth between them, and giant heads. We just sorta looked at each other for a minute, then the oldest boy said, "we built this swimmin' hole, but you can swim in it" We thanked them, and went back to camp.Memories. I will have a story or two on Monday I'm sure.