My sister shared this image on my Facebook page the other day because she knows I am a Muppets fan. Do you notice anything misspelled? Everyone I have ever known is saying a simple word wrong and doesn't know it. How come I'm so smart? In a moment of enlightenment akin to something described in Buddhism or 'The Matrix,' I noticed a "typo" in the freezer aisle. I stood there staring at the carton thinking, "How could anyone mess up that bad?" And then I noticed all the brands were "messed up." That's when it occurred to me that my reality was fiction. I went straight home and Googled the word only to learn that everyone I have ever known says the same word wrong.

Ever since, I have been an evangelist trying to right this wrong and help my brothers and sisters wake up to the truth and leave their errant ways. To what am I referring? The word "sherbert" does not exist. Don't believe me? Google it, I dare you.

You're welcome.