My first dog was "Boy."  I was 6 and he was left by the owners of the house we bought in Butte, MT because he was old and blind. (Who does that?)  Next was Tippy, she got hit by a car on Christmas Eve while I was fishing a Montana stream.  She was always near me and I should've watched her closer.  Worst Christmas ever.  Then came Tippy-Two.  She was by my side all thru school until I moved away and she died of old age with the folks.  When I got married and had kids, Edie was our basset hound...cancer took her after 7 short years.  (Doesn't losing a pet just totally suck?)  Now we have two min-doxies (below) and they make our day every time we walk through the door! Dogs, puppies, big and little.... this is for dog lovers everywhere.

woody photo