Bored at work? These kinds of surveys are always fun to read I think. The ones that top my list for things I find unappealing are numbers 5. and 7. How bout you? Agree or disagree with these things?

According to an international survey with more than 1800 responses the most unattractive thing a man can do is…

  1. Always feel like he needs to prove his masculinity or alpha male status.
  2. Compare their woman or her performance in bed to a porn star he’s watched.
  3. Act dumber than they are.
  4. Act too manly to hold her purse or buy tampons.
  5. Be disrespectful to people in customer service (waiters, bar tenders, clerks).
  6. Have long or dirty fingernails.
  7. A bad temper.
  8. Never take a joke or permit someone to make fun of them.
  9. Say he doesn’t want any food, then eat your food.
  10. A know-it-all

According to an international survey with almost 5600 responses, the most unattractive thing a woman can do is…

  1. Constantly text other people while you’re together.
  2. Refer to herself as a “crazy b****” – if a woman calls herself crazy, she’s likely crazy.
  3. Try to get a man to buy her a drink without engaging in a real conversation.
  4. Use baby talk or other falsetto speech.
  5. Acting dumber than she is.
  6. Ordering a lot of food and or drink and barely touching it.
  7. Wanting to get married so she doesn’t have to work any more.
  8. Heavy tans
  9. Being judgmental of people they don’t know.
  10. Speak negatively of themselves trying to coax you to give them compliments.