If you want to learn about HOW to do anything or at least read comical instructions on how to do something go to  wikihow.com

Today I'd like to share what I have learned on wikiHow. I read two articles.

The first was titled "How to Accept a Teen's Music".

So I'm going to walk you through the steps.

  1. "Borrow your teens Ipod, Cd Player, or MP3"
  2. "Ask why they like the artists they like"
  3. "If you don't like their music, learn how to deal"

That's it. That was the entire article. I was feeling pretty bad about my posts until I read this article. Isn't this just common sense?

The second article I read was titled "How to Find out What Your Significant Other is Doing Without them Knowing" . Personally, I feel like a better title would have been "How to be a Psycho!"

  • "Check the Internet to see if they have signed on any social networks. If they have in the last 20 minutes or so, chances are they are still at home." -  This is creepy but just wait it gets creepier.
  • "If you're not entirely sure, call from a blocked number (*67). The options include, muting the call so they are lead to believe there is something wrong with the connection, or asking for a different person. (aka, the wrong number)" - I'm pretty sure serial killers do this!
  • "Drive by where they live. If you have an extremely recognizable car, it is suggested that you borrow a friends for this step. In a case where you could be easily spotted, wearing a disguise of some sort is always an option. But now one must drive by their place of residence. Limit your passings to 3 every hour." -I'm pretty sure burglars do this!

Check out WikiHow, it's a good 20 minutes of time wasting.