You're a big, muscular guy, you work at a pool and you want to look like the Incredible Hulk, what could possibly go wrong? A pool boy in Brazil wanted to walk around looking like his favorite superhero; he had the body, all he needed was the green tint. Note to self: if you're going to paint your body green make sure the paint is water soluble, not the stuff they paint submarines and missiles with. A Mr. Santos found out the hard way that turning green is a lot easier than going back to your natural skin tone. It must have been entertaining at first: your pool boy all green, handing out towels and growling, but after a couple of hours you would wish he could turn into the Invisible Man. At what point does picking out some industrial-strength paint and a couple of brushes, then asking your friends to help paint you from head to toe seem like a good idea. You know it was his guy friends that helped him apply the paint, and they were laughing the whole time because they knew the green goop wasn't just going to wash off with hot water. Girls would have questioned their friend if she wanted to paint her body with green paint, because she wanted to be the Hulks wife or something, not dude's. The best part of the whole story, is that it took 24 hours to scrub off all of the green paint, with the help of friends. Let that be a lesson to you young people, pick a superhero that just has a costume, be safe out there.