According to a survey by a British travel site called, these are the biggest regrets people over age 50 have about their lives.  Maybe the rest of us can use it as a heads-up . . . because we still have time, right?   

#1.)  91% wish they'd traveled more.

#2.)  72% regret their career choice.  (--People could choose more than one thing.)

#3.)  64% would like to take back some bad relationship choices.

#4.)  55% wish they'd taken better care of their bodies.

#5.)  53% are sorry they lost touch with friends.

#6.)  46% wish they'd been more careful with their money.

#7.)  27% regret having children too early.

#8.)  25% think they worried about things too much.

#9.)  19% wish they'd been more of a "yes" person.

#10.)  8% regret having children too late.