As you can see from the photo taken this morning, the front of my sweatshirt is a little dirty. Ya see, of the 20 some years I've been in the radio biz, about 15 of those I've hosted a morning show. This means a lot of years dressing in the dark, or partial dark, as not to wake up whoever might still be in bed.

For me, doing a morning show means getting up at about 3:15, and to work by 4:00 am. So even in the summer it's dark when I get up. I can find the underwear drawer on the way to the shower, and my jeans hanging on a hook on the bedroom door after. Socks are one drawer above the underwear, and we're almost there. Slowly open the closet, avoiding the creaking right-side fold-back door. Now this part is important: short sleeve T-shirts are upper rack, long-sleeve are lower rack. Depending on the weather, this choice could be critical. I randomly pick a shirt and prepare to make my escape.

This brings us to today's mess. I have three sweatshirts I rotate (we have to wear sweatshirts in the KORD studio due to the below freezing temps). All get cleaned once a week but as you can see by the photo, one slipped through the cracks. I would love to blame my wife, but that just ain't gonna fly. I have to wear it today, so I will have to suck it up and take the ribbing I will receive. Once I think about it, it must have been a darn-good burrito from the Bear's Den, otherwise there would have been a lot more sauce on the sweatshirt. Most of it must have made it to my mouth.

Have you ever had a clothing mishap?