An 18-year-old driving home to her parent's house wrote one last text before slamming into the back of a truck at 80 miles per hour.

What makes this story so sobering is what her final text said -- see below.

Taylor Sauer had a long drive home from college and her father said she was texting to stay awake... but instead it killed her.

I see people every day driving while texting and talking on their phones. It's pretty obvious that a fine is not going to solve the problem.

I say you treat it like a DUI: take their driver's license away for a year -- or their cell phone.

Like drinking and driving, people will be killed every year by texting drivers not paying attention.

Parents: it all starts at home. Make it clear this is not acceptable and it can kill them or others around you.

You won't believe what her last text said. Please read this attached story; it will give you goose bumps.