Taylor Swift was in concert last night at the Prudential Center in Newark New Jersey last night and when you are in Bon Jovi's stomping grounds you break out some rock & roll!

Last night was the perfect night to break out the Bon Jovi classic "Living on A Prayer". Wearing her pretty purple stage dress (Bear has one just like it) and seated on a stool while cradling her acoustic guitar, Swift broke into the song’s famous chorus, “It doesn’t make a difference if we make it or not / We got each other / And that’s a lot for love / We’ll give it a shot / Whoa, we’re halfway there / Whoa, livin’ on a prayer / Take my hand / We’ll make it I swear / Whoa / Livin’ on a prayer.”

The crowd sang along with her, nearly drowning out her voice and belting out those lyrics with that New Jersey passion. That’s what happens when you sing Bon Jovi in Jersey!