Just How Hot Did Our Heatwave Get?
As the clouds roll in we're sending off one of the first big heatwaves of the year. Tuesday and Wednesday even saw record high temperatures, but if you think the past two days were hot, you're in for a rough summer. These temperatures are as recorded at the Tri-Cities Airport...
ICYMI: Weather Service Forecasts to Stop SHOUTING at Us
For decades, the National Weather Service has been very excited about their weather forecasts. So excited, in fact, that they have been YELLING AT US THE ENTIRE TIME! Just look at this forecast for the Tri-Cities, for example:
Proposals to switch to normal type first came in the 1990s when media outl…
Are April Showers on the Way? Don’t Count on It
We're a couple of days into April and I gotta say: even though there's wind today I am pretty pleased with how we have been treated by it so far. Will the pleasant weather persist throughout the month? While I can't offer specific conditions for anything farther than a week away, let&…
Winter Review… In Emojis
It's now officially spring, and I thought we should review how this past winter treated us. I got this idea from my friend Scott, who posted an "emoji review" on his weather blog he does of KOMO-TV in Seattle. I sent him a message on Facebook, and he was super cool and is lett…
Yesterday’s Eclipse Was Cool, But When Will Tri-Cities Get One?
If you follow some Seattle TV stations on Facebook, you're aware there was a total solar eclipse yesterday over the Pacific Ocean. Alaska Airlines Flight 870 from Anchorage to Honolulu was even diverted so that passengers could get a glimpse of the event from 37,000 feet up. KOMO News sent a gu…
Will Flooding in Yakima Affect Us?
UPDATE (Wed. 11:33 am) - A change in the forecast has come up and the National Weather Service has now issued a Flood Warning for the Yakima River at Kiona, which affects the entire length of the river in Benton County. West Richland will see most of the flooding.
Forecast: The river is forecasted to…
The Groundhog Saw His Shadow, but Will He be Right?
We all know what Groundhog Day is. Every February 2nd we bring our friend Punxsutawney Phil out of his home in hopes that we will have some warm weather on the horizon, but he is not the only one we ask. There are Groundhog Day celebrations all around the country, so what do the other guys say?
Hanford Employees Released Early Due to Weather
Due to the current conditions and forecast, Hanford employees will be released from work early today. Only essential employees needed to maintain minimum safe operations are to remain at work through the remainder of the shift.

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