I-84 Eastbound Remains Closed
I-84 EASTBOUND remains closed between Pendleton (Exit 216) and Ontario (Exit 374) due to multiple semis that crashed east of Baker City (some near MP 318).
I-84 Remains Closed in the Columbia Gorge
In eastern Oregon I-84 is now open both EASTBOUND and WESTBOUNT between Pendleton (Exit 216) and Ontario (Exit 374). In the Columbia Gorge area the freeway remains closed between Troutdale (Exit 17) and Hood River (Exit 64) due to heavy ice on the roadway and is expected to be closed throughout the …
School Closures and Delays 12-15-16
• Benton Franklin Head Start -  Closed
• Blue Mountain Community College - closed
• Columbia Basin College - 2 Hours Late
• College Place Sch. Dist. - Closed
• Columbia-Burbank Sch. Dist. - Closed
• Dayton (WA) Sch...
School Closures and Delays for December 13th 2016
*Columbia-Burbank Sch. Dist. - Buses on snow routes Posted: Tue. 13th, 05:36 AM
* Prescott Sch. Dist. - 2 Hours Late. No AM practice Posted: Tue. 13th, 04:53 AM
* Richland Sch. Dist. - Buses on snow routes Posted: Tue. 13th, 05:30 AM
Sorry Kids, it looks like you're going back today...
Winter Storm Warning… in Hawaii?
Parts of Hawaii's Big Island are even looking at 20 to 30 inches of snow over the next couple of days. How is it possible? Well, this phenomenon isn't that uncommon and here's why:
Hawaii has huge mountains! The tallest mountain in Hawaii, Mauna Kea, is 13,808 feet above sea level...
Just How Hot Did Our Heatwave Get?
As the clouds roll in we're sending off one of the first big heatwaves of the year. Tuesday and Wednesday even saw record high temperatures, but if you think the past two days were hot, you're in for a rough summer. These temperatures are as recorded at the Tri-Cities Airport...

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