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The Least Romantic Thing To Do on Valentines Day! [VIDEO]
OK listen up DUDES! put the controller down!! walk away from the video game and start paying attention to your woman. Almost every guy that is into gaming and has a girlfriend is in jeopardy of loosing her.
Hey ladies rather than go insane on him, you should just leave him...
New Gaming Store PlayLive Opens in Kennewick
PlayLive, located inside of the Columbia Center Mall, is now open and ready for gamers!
The Store features a lounge like setting with 28 large TV's to play video games on and "super fast internet".
You pay for the amount of time you spend at the store, starting at $9...
Best Video Game Ideas From KORD Listeners!
On a whim we asked KORD VIP members to tell us their video game ideas. We were so energized by the results! Get Atari on the phone, we've got their comeback mapped out right here!