Package Thief in West Richland [VIDEO]
according to West Richland police department:
We have had a couple package thefts so far this Christmas season. Take a look at the video and see if you recognize the suspect or suspect vehicle. If you have any information reference this case please contact dispatch at 628-0333...
Kennewick Boneheads Steal From Walmart
According to Kennewick police departments facebook page:
I swear some people wake up and say "Gee how can I screw my life up some more"
Don't these people realize cameras are everywhere!!
Shoplifting Suspects: The male and female in this photo are suspected of trying to ste…
Kennewick Thief vs. Tree…Tree Wins!!!
Now, if I were a car thief...I'd probably drive slow , blend in with the traffic, be cautious... Careful not to draw attention!.. probably why I would make a horrible thief!
Here is another example of stupid people doing stupid things.
Last night officers responded to a collision (vehicle vs a tr…
Credit Card Skimmer Case Has a Lead! Help Find These Lowlifes
The men pictured here are the suspects in a credit card skimming case that took place March 11th at a Richland Shell gas station on Williams Blvd. The suspects are believed to have stayed a local motel between the dates of March 10th and March 14th and to have been driving a late model Jeep Liberty,…
Thief Gets Busted Stealing Wood Pallet for a Garden!
I wonder what kind of gardening project he was doing?
According to KPD's Facebook page
On 11-20-2015 at 2322 hours, a KPD officer on patrol observed a male subject in the area of S Olympia St near W 21 St Ave carrying a large pallet over his head...
Weirdo Robs Ranch and Home… $1000 reward
Kennewick Police want to identify this suspect in a shoplifting incident turned robbery when he assaulted employees while stealing property from Ranch and Home Wednesday evening, October 26th.
He fled, but not before swinging at employees and then throwing rocks at them...

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