Where to Buy Free Range Turkeys in the Mid Columbia
Interested a fresh, free-range turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner? There are a couple places in the Mid Columbia to find them. Some are growers, and some are retailers. Either way, the turkeys will go fast so you need to contact them ASAP to place your order...
Vote on Thanksgiving Etiquette [SURVEY]
Thanksgiving is a family affair, and etiquette usually differs family to family. In some homes it's OK to put your elbows on the table, belch out loud and let women do all the cooking. In other homes you'll be thrown out on your rear for that kind of behavior. Let's take a vote on som…
Butterball Hotline to Have Male Spokesman
According to the Associated Press and a story I read in today's Tri-City Herald:
"If you call Butterball's Turkey Talk Line for some cooking advice, you might get a male voice on the line.
For the first time, Butterball is enlisting the help of men as well as women for it's Tur…
25 Things Super Easy to Be Thankful for If You’re Feeling Down
Having a tough year? Need help thinking of stuff to be thankful for this month? Well here's a list of totally awesome stuff from the people at Reddit. This list will have you feeling grateful in no time.

Hot showers in winter
Being able to fly -- to somewhere you want to go -- for as little as $100
How Soon Is It OK to Set Up the Christmas Tree? [SURVEY]
I bought an artificial tree for the first time last year. We were live tree people but last year our tree was toast by Christmas (all the needles fell off). So this year on Christmas Eve I bought a 9-foot artificial tree at Home Depot. It is guaranteed to look great, the needles will never fall off …
What’s the No. 1 Best Holiday Movie of All Time? [POLL]
A few days ago we asked what your favorite holiday movies were. Over 100 people responded with dozens of titles. That makes us wonder what people think is the No. 1 holiday movie OF ALL TIME. We've created a comprehensive list of the nation's favorites. Vote for your No. 1 favorite.
Vegans Love This Turkey!
OK, we gave Carrie Underwood and other Vegans a couple of jabs on the air for not eating turkey...but here's one delicious, no-meat turkey for sure!

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