“UberEats” Coming to the Tri-Cities?
I was talking to my brother in Seattle and he was telling me about “UberEats” By clicking into the Uber network, you can order anything from local restaurants, fast! Of course the establishment needs to be a participating restaurant. Uber is working with over a hundred of…
7 Best Waterfront Restaurants in Tri-Cities
The Tri-Cities continues to boom, and have you noticed all the new restaurants. Last night was my 1st time at LU LU Craft Bar and Kitchen. It was excellent I love the fact they are promoting local farm to table dining, after this is the bread basket of Washington.
Where Are The Best French Fries in the Tri-Cities?
They may technically be a side dish, but we all know how important French fries are to us. They can make or break a restaurant experience, they often determine where we eat out and they are the source of many cravings. Help us compile a list of the best French fries in the Tri-Cities