ranch and home

Ranch and Home Thieves Need to Get Busted
Wow!, couldn't ask for a better picture!! Dear losers, KPD would like to have a discussion about your life choices.
And you give CAMO a bad name!!!
And you both have bad haircuts!!
And I'm pretty sure your new boots will look good with an orange jump suit...
Kids Sought in Kennewick Shoplifting Case
Kennewick police are seeking these two suspects in connection with their stealing a number of items from the Ranch and Home store on Columbia Center Boulevard Tuesday.  Anyone who shoplifts is fair game, hence the title of our story!
Weirdo Robs Ranch and Home… $1000 reward
Kennewick Police want to identify this suspect in a shoplifting incident turned robbery when he assaulted employees while stealing property from Ranch and Home Wednesday evening, October 26th.
He fled, but not before swinging at employees and then throwing rocks at them...