What Kind of Lights Do You Like? [POLL]
To blink, or not to blink! Everyone has a preference...and do you like the multi-colored lights or maybe just all blue or all white? Take our poll and see where you fit in!
Who Manages the Money in Your Tri-Cities Household? [POLL]
Experts typically say arguments over money are a leading cause of divorce, and the Bible says a woman who manages the household well is worth her weight in rubies (not an exact quote but close enough). Deciding who's in charge of the check book is one of those early decisions newlyweds must mak…
KORD Listeners Have Spoken: Allowance Results
Almost 30% of our parent listeners don’t give their kids any allowance
Of those that do, it ranges.
For some, allowances are compensation for good grades and chores
A few give more money the older they get
Some just hand out the cash as needed
 We have lows at $2 per wee…

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