poker run

Leukemia Brings Out The Best
Since Ty's 9th annual poker run "crazy for mazie" is this weekend, Ive been thinking about Leukemia and the impact it has on the victims and their family. One person CAN make a difference! watch this video and see how you can help save a life...
Mazie In The House!
Mazie Draper is a local  3yr old little girl fighting Leukemia. I would like to thank the Draper family for coming into the studio's for the interview. Except I'm not very happy about Nason (mazie's brother) he's taking over my job! Hey Nason,GOOD LUCK WORKING WITH CHUCK!
Cool Prizes For mazie
Ty’s Bar and grill will be having their annual poker run April 15th at Tys. all proceeds to benefit the family of Mazie!... Mazie is a local little girl fighting Leukemia. Cost is $15 in advance and $20 at the door. There will be a BBQ (including Applebees riblets) to follow. Alas.…
Crazy For Mazie
Mazie is a local  precious little girl fighting Leukemia. It breaks my heart to see one of our babies in trouble... C'mon tri-citians we can do this!
Help Mazie By Attending the Poker Run April 15
Meet Mazie.
This is the precious little girl that Ty's Tavern in West Richland is doing the Poker Run for this year.
She spends most of her time right now in Seattle Children's Hospital enduring extreme treatments for Acute Lymphocyte Leukemia...