Pendleton Votes for New Statues… Who in Tri-Cities Deserves a Statue?
One of my favorite things about Pendleton is the local heroes in bronze. They will soon vote on who should be the two new statues. At least one will be a Native American so local chiefs have been nominated. The other may be a pioneer or rodeo Round-Up legend. If we had a similar tradition in Tri-Cit…
Most Haunted Places at the Pendleton Round-Up
The Pendleton Round-Up is this week. If you host one of the country's oldest, biggest, best and storied rodeos for over 100 years you're bound to have a few ghosts, right? If you want to go looking for ghosts, here's where we suggest:
Pendleton Women Gets Stolen Dog Back 4 Years Later!
This story will melt your heart. A woman living in Portland "lost" her pit bull and never quit looking for her for two years. She then moved to Pendleton and fours years after losing "Star" she got a call from Portland police.

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