Local Kellen Moore Hopeful for NFL Draft
Prosser, Washington native Kellen Moore will soon be watching the NFL draft along with the rest of America. Thursday night the first round of the draft begins and continues through Saturday.
Football quarterback Moore recently completed his college career at Boise State with a 50-3 record and is the …
Seattle Seahawks On Monday Night Football, 5:30pm On ESPN
Will Seattle Seahawks make the playoffs?
Seahawks take on the St.Louis rams tonite in Seattle, which could turn out to be a very big game for the Hawks. Even as badly as they have played, Seahawks still have a Chance to make the playoffs as a wild card. I know, I can't believe it either.
Are Pro Sports Seasons Getting Too Long?
Tomorrow, January 15 1967, was the date of the First Ever BIG GAME (we can't say 's-bowl!).   Now, this weekend we are barely into the divisional rounds of the NFL playoffs.   Which of the following sports seasons do YOU think is TOO Long?