Cale Moon Debuts New Music on KORD With Big Bear [AUDIO]
We have been watching this young man grow up into a country artist right before our eyes. So last fall I hooked up Cale Moon with an opportunity to meet an old friend of mine. I thought it would be cool to meet some people in Nashville and maybe get a tour...
Cale Moon Local Country Artist Doin’ Good! [VIDEO]
Remember this spring we had the privilage of meeting a young man from Benton City by the name of Cale Moon? Well cale is doin' pretty good and even spent some time in Nashville! Want to see what is happening with this rising star?
John Rich Wants You to Be His Neighbor
In most American cities, it’s been getting harder to sell a house for a few years now — and the buyer’s market can be difficult to navigate even if you’re one of country’s top hitmakers.
That’s the lesson learned by…