Kelly Clarkson & Clive Davis Had A Major Falling Out
ABC Online says Kelly Clarkson and legendary record executive Clive Davis had a major falling out a few years ago over the direction of her music, and now she's taking issue with Davis' description of their working relationship, which appears in his new memoir, The Soundtrack of My Life.
Year End Countdown of All Your Favorites From 2012!
It's always fun to sit around and listen to all the years top songs and see which ones come out the biggest!
Be sure and listen to KORD's Bob Kingsley as he brings you the 40 biggest songs of 2012!
The year end countdown can be heard this Sunday from 10am-2pm and again on New Year's eve…
Holy Everything! Weekend Events Are Here!
Have you come up with a plan to get everything you wanted to do this weekend into 55 hrs? Sausagefest at Christ The King is this weekend! Great blues with Sammy Eubanks at Tagaris Winery, and it is the first weekend of fall! Fall by the way arrives at 7:49am just in case you want to stand outside an…
Time To Get Your Weekend Plan Together!
So did you know that NFL Football started last weekend? Guess I shouldn't have let the cat out of the bag. Don't worry fall is not here yet! Still plenty of summer! Lots to do! Head to a farer's market, go and listen to some great music, do some wine tasting.
Thank you to our friends at the Tri-Citie…

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