Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan Punches a Guy at Concert! [VIDEO]
Luke Bryan Smacked a guy in the audience Who
Was flipping him the bird. I'm not sure why the guy would do such a thing...Maybe he was feeling insecure....maybe his woman was drooling over Luke. whatever the reason is Luke should have walked away...
5 Unforgettable Country Christmas Traditions
Just like you, country music's biggest stars look forward to visiting with family, eating and maybe bickering across the table this Christmas. They carry on traditions that are heartfelt, funny, strange and flat-out unforgettable.
Luke Bryan Sees His Old Neigbor Lady in the Audience! [VIDEO]
Remember that sweet lady across the street? Well, you're older now and so is she. You may not think of her every day, but you sure do remember...that's what happened to Luke Bryan recently at a small VIP performance! Watch his surprised face when he says, "Bernice Wiggums...

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