lamb weston columbia cup

Tri Cities Spectacular Hydro-Plane Boat Crashes [VIDEO]
Boat Races are coming back July 28th - July 30th courtesy of The Water Follies and it will be a spectacular weekend of awesome races but one of the reasons spectators love the races are the crashes.
We've compiled some sweet (or not so sweet) hydroplane crashes from The Columbia Cup over the yea…
A Salute To Bernie Little & Miss Budweiser [VIDEO]
Waterfollies has been running in Tri-Cities since 1966 and the man that helped start it all was the larger than life Bernie Little. A beer distributor from Florida who loved the sport. We salute Bernie this weekend with this special video we found
Waterfollies Event Schedule For Hydroplanes & Airshow
It is finally here! the 46th Annual Lamb Weston Columbia Cup! This is where you can find everything you need to know and even get the app for your phone which will link you to the Waterfollies website and Facebook page! So here is the EVENT SCHEDULE...