Chuck Comes Clean ta Bizarre Editing
Maybe if i was a journalist I would use fancy things like paragraphs and question marks. But I'm a DJ, and this ain't my first rodeo. I write how I talk and I don't talk in paragraphs!
Win Cash on KORD!
The KORD Cash Cow is re-loaded with lots of Mooolah!  Keep the KORD plugged in and get ready to win your share of $44,000 dollars.  Win cash - $1000 dollars twice each weekday during the month of May.
KORD Salutes Our Veterans
Congratulations, thank you, and a special salute to Harry Jensen from the US Army! Harry is April's winner of a $20 gift certificate to Hot Wingz!
Win Free Fuel on KORD!
Donny Hill, Crystal Bultena, Derrick Wade and Carrie Stewart are just a few of our Week 1 winners of free fuel!  You could be next - keep all your radios tuned to 102.7 KORD to win your share of thousands of dollars of free fuel from Gilbert Auto on KORD!  Here's how to win:
Mega Millions Rises to 540-Million
If you thought a half a billion was big - hang on!  The jackpot has officially been raised to 540-million dollars for the drawing on Friday.   I wouldn't doubt if it grows again tomorrow.

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