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There are a ton of videos online showing illusions . . . mostly people painting weird murals. But there's a new one worth checking out. It's just a bunch of paper lying flat on a table, next to some string and a pair of scissors....very cool
The KORD Avocado Tree Is Almost Ready for the Outside World!
Several months ago Faith Martin did a blog post about sticking toothpicks in an avocado seed for nostalgia. Then one day we found it in the trash and rescued it! For MONTHS we blamed Faith, but it turns out to have been someone else entirely! Either way, check out our little tree today.
Sawyer Brown Rocked the Island!
On Sunday July 22, 102.7 KORD and Clover Island Resort Presented Sawyer Brown!
This was a perfect way to kick off the concert season for me. They still put on a great show!
A Shocking Look At Chucks Backyard [VIDEO]
Chuck has always been a private guy, I have offered to help him several times with yard work but he always rejects my help...now I know why!
armed with my nifty flip-cam I discovered he has a hoarding problem!  He's a DUCK HOARDER
Health And Safety Expo
Join us Today broadcasting live from 6a-9a!
EXPO 2012 – May 15th and 16th – 7:00 am to 7:00 pm
There is no charge to participate in or attend EXPO, and parking is free
I Work With This!
This is my view every morning, I think God is punishing me.
Here is a few examples of thoughts that run through my head while I'm working with Chuck.

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