7 Best Tri-Cities Celebrity Look-Alikes [PHOTOS]
My coworker was talking about how a new KNDU reporter looks like "Frozen" singer Idina Menzel, and I said, "What about Terry Chick and Chick Hicks?" And I've always thought Hope Solo looked like Nala in "Lion King." So here for you is our of…
Missing Boy Walks Right Past Camera Crew Reporting His Story
A Tri-Cities man went into hiding with his 11-year-old son after committing a hit-and-run Tuesday. Our news partner KNDU did a story on Thursday about the incident and interviewed a witness on Wellsian Way in Richland. That's when the father and son walked right past them.
KNDU TV Reporter Gets Tased! [VIDEO]
For all of us in the media we are asked to go above and beyond the call of duty. For example one country radio DJ wore a Speedo swimsuit in January and jumped into a frigid 37 degree Columbia River for Special Olympics. This an of edia TV Reporter Brian Brennan was covering a story of HAPO & Win…