KORD Listeners Have Spoken: Allowance Results
Almost 30% of our parent listeners don’t give their kids any allowance
Of those that do, it ranges.
For some, allowances are compensation for good grades and chores
A few give more money the older they get
Some just hand out the cash as needed
 We have lows at $2 per wee…
$1,000 for Sending Us Your Mid-Columbia Back-to-School Photos!
Congratulations Olivia A. for winning the contest!
Ask your friends, neighbors and family to vote for your photo through Sept. 12. On Sept. 13, the photo with the most votes wins a $1,000 gift certificate to the Columbia Center Mall! You can vote once per computer every 24 hours.
The deadline is now S…
Bizarre & Awesome Attraction at the Fair
Poseidon's Bubbles - Fun to watch and participate! Only $7!
Yes, those ARE children in giant plastic bubbles. I came, I saw, I gawked. Click here to watch the MUST SEE video of the kids in the bubbles.
Shocking Social Media Punishment
Last week ReShonda Tate Billingsley caught her 12 year old daughter postaing a naughty photo. In the photo her 12 year old  was holding a bottle of Vodka, with a caption that said "I sure wish I could drink this."
As a punishment ReShonda had her daughter post a very different …
Kidz Dig Rigz
Thanks to Lori Lott and Barbi Hawkins for coming into the studios this morning.The Pediatric Champions Society of Kadlec Foundation is proud to present the second annual Kidz Dig Rigz event

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