Kidz Dig Rigz
Thanks to Lori Lott and Barbi Hawkins for coming into the studios this morning.The Pediatric Champions Society of Kadlec Foundation is proud to present the second annual Kidz Dig Rigz event
Best places to take your kids fishing in the Tri-Cities
Taking your kids fishing is a great way to spend some quality time with your kids, but at the same time you have to take a lot of things into consideration. For instance, you might want a semi-shady spot so your kid doesn't complain about the 3rd degree sunburn the next day...
Don’t Miss Kids Day At Sundowns Training Center On Saturday!
Bring the kids out for a really fun day and get them acquainted with ponies, border collies, mini barrel racing and tons of kid-type fun and games!
The Sundowns Training center is a non-profit community horse riding and event center. This Saturday's open house will cost just $4 per person but the kid…
We Want To See Your Best Easter Egg!
It's time to start painting, dying, sewing, carving and gluing your Easter Eggs! We want to share your creativity with our listeners. Whatever your medium, whatever your age, send us a picture of your best egg and we'll post it on our website and ask for listeners to vote on their favorite…
Salmon with Plastic Wrap Anyone?
Kids do follow directions!  Case in point - last Sunday night my wife and I prepared a beautiful salmon fillet with our secret blend of herbs and spices and placed it in a baking pan - then covered it with plastic wrap.

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