Best (Free) Indoor Playgrounds for Kids in the Tri-Cities
If you're like me, you've got stir-crazy kids asking to play in the back yard, go on a walk, go to a park -- anything outside. But it's RAINING! It's cold, drizzly, cloudy! That's when I turn to indoor playgrounds. A couple of gymnastic facilities have awesome playgrounds, but they can also be price…
10 Adorably Bratty Christmas Kids
Little kids are the best. They're pro photobombers and make super weird raps about McDonald's, and that's just scratching the surface. But munchkins can also be the worst. Don't get us wrong-- their adorableness usually overrides any of those 'tudes they try and pull, and you know how we're suckers …
Here Are YOUR Board Game Suggestions for Thanksgiving Day!
Earlier this week we asked if you played board games after Thanksgiving dinner. Dozens of you responded recommending tons of great games that we're going to share right now. I'll link the less popular/newer games to websites so you can check them out. Maybe we'll even help with your h…
Do You Play Board Games After Thanksgiving Dinner?
A new survey says 56 percent of Americans play board games after Thanksgiving. 64 percent said they watch football (I wonder how many watch football while playing board games). But popular culture hardly ever talks about the board games. What do you do?
Share Your Halloween Photos to Win a Tri-City Americans Four Pack
We know you took a lot of photos last night and we want to see them! Babies, kids, teenagers, adults, pumpkins, desserts, decorations... whatever. Share them with us and we'll pick a random submission to receive a family-four pack of tickets to an upcoming Tri-City Americans game!
HURRAY for Pumpkin Donations!
Yesterday on air, Paul talked about how the garden of Eastgate Elementary in Kennewick was raided and asked the public to donate pumpkins to the kindergarteners who lost their large Halloween pumpkins.
Here's Who Donated:

Workers at Bellinger Farms of Hermiston
The owner of Sandstone Cafe in Kennewick,…
Give Back Eastgate Elementary’s Kindergarten Pumpkins!
Sometime over the weekend someone stole pumpkins and ripe tomatoes from a garden at Kennewick's Eastgate Elementary maintained by the Kindergarten class for a science project. The garden was planted LAST MARCH and they kids were looking forward to harvest time! About 14 pumpkins were stolen and…

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