Jake Owen

Jake Owen Hurt by Social Media Comments
Some people just need to scroll and NOT COMMENT. Some people just feel the need to be hurtful or act superior. If you don't know the whole story, don't judge. Jake Owen got divorced last summer and some meanies had to chime in. He said he was "seriously bothered" by some …
Are Jake Owen And His Wife Getting A Divorce???
Well, Jake Owen mentioned the other day on the Morning Show that him and his wife Lacy Buchanan might be getting a divorce soon...awhh.
Apparently the two are having marital issues that they would rather not go into, but Jake mentioned that a divorce was on both their minds...
Why Jake Owen Wants You to Drink Your Pee [VIDEO]
Jake was on Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night, and Jimmy had him on to "help" with ideas on water conservation because of the droughts out West, and Jake wrote a song about how people can help!
“I have to do my part, man,” Owen says. “I feel like I could…

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